Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend wonders.

here's some snapshots of our weekend.

we hung out with our brilliant friends kat, ben and aaron to squeeze the very last drops out of my birthday. we went out for mexican and stuffed ourselves silly. kat made me an incredible cake and everyone spoilt me with the best gifts. (maybe i ate some of said cake for dinner tonight)

it was a pretty fun night, despite what the photo of aaron may lead you to believe. the boys ate this ridiculously hot chilli sauce, so hot that they had to ask the waiter for a glass of milk and benny even cried a little bit. 

tee hee hee, little girls. says this little girl who was too scared to even try it.

we also slothed about on the couch, visited my grandmama and blu-tacked some family photos onto our wall of beauties. and right now we're topping it off with some midsomer murders and listening to the rain.

hope your weekend was delightful! x

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