Monday, June 27, 2011

seal rocks the finale.

it's been a long time coming. but here it is!

our final 24 hours in seal rocks in pictures. 1. because i'm lazy and 2. because they're nice.

the last day was a flurry of activity, kidlet entertaining, packing up our treasures and adventuring to the lighthouse.

and all topped off with a quarter pounder on the way home! YES!

what a flippin' lovely getaway.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

seal rocks day two.

part deux.

Saturday in Seal Rocks was sunny. Super-duper sunny.

We went for (somewhat misguided... totally my fault) walks to try and find the Sugarloaf Point lighthouse. Sugarloaf Point is pretty much the loveliest sounding place name ever.

We did lots and lots of semi-nude playing on the beach. Including lots of cuddling, kicking, lots of burying and a little bit of nudie body-surfing.


Thank you for letting me have a go of your kidlets (and husby) for papparazi purposes Miss E xx
so we've done une, we've now done deux, all that's left is trois x

Monday, June 20, 2011

seal rocks day one.

 so, as i'm writing this, the guilt is starting to creep in for not going to the gym tonight, but i can't wait. i have to begin to share these memories with you right.this.very.second. part I of III.

Friday memories:
(some good, some bad, some excellent)
  • Rising early to eat raisin toast and watch pre-dawn flintstones episodes
  • Driving on the freeway listening to talkback radio
  • sleeping on the freeway while my boyfy was driving up the freeway listening to talkback radio
  • Getting phone calls from the lovely Miss Beetleshack to let us know that our holiday destination wasn't clear, it was in fact, underwater (sob, sob, sob!)
  • Sitting in the sun at Buladelah, drinking coffee, scouring papers for news of the floods, eating sausage rolls, and making friends with some lovely locals who shared news of new puppies on their farm
  • Hunting through the hardware store for last minute camping supplies (...and to waste time with fingers tightly crossed that Plomer was still on the cards)
  • Last minute destination changes with exceptional results
  • Adventures to Smiths Lake
  • Walks on the beach
  • Hangin' out with my fave babes, Zeph and Olive
  • Little surfer dudes
  • Nerve-settling red wine with camp burgers as the sun set

     stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of the winter vacation! bet you can't wait!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    i am grateful

    today i feel grateful.

    (grateful is one of those words that looks funnier the more you look at it. grateful grateful grateful).

    I feel super grateful that the rain has gone away, the sun has again decided to shine and the flood waters have receded all in time for our road trip to plomer tomorrow.

    I feel super grateful that in my time of need i know my local kmart has ugg boots for $8.

    I feel super grateful that sushi garden is just down the road so when i don't feel like cooking, i know i can get delicious sushi rolls for $6.50.

    I feel super grateful that when i'm hungry and a little bit tired and snappy that my boyfy knows to ride out the storm and let me have my sooky, stroppy 5 minutes. (Sorry x)

    I feel grateful that italian food safari was invented. i love the pants off that show.

    I feel super grateful that my weekend has just commenced and tomorrow I'm going on a road trip with some very very lovely friends that I have been looking forward to for longer than i can remember.

    Have a lovely lovely weekend!

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    happy birthday queen lizzie!

    did you enjoy your long weekend this weekend?

    i/we certainly did. it's such an amazing thing the long weekend, it means you get the best of both worlds. you get to spend time at home, like normal weekends, slothing about, being lazy.  

     then you get a whole other weekend tacked on the end to use however you wish!

    we used our bulk sized weekend to watch things, bake things, eat things, visit dear friends and watch some queen's birthday football (good old collingwood forever!)

    black & white sunday

    i know, i'm a little late, but here's what we got up to yesterday...

    we baked a cheesecake.

    we visited some friends and ate an amazing dinner (thank you benny. you're an amazing jamie.)

    we cuddled on the couch with cindy, the most lovely dog-gone dog around.

    we put a fireplace on our dream home wishlist.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    i really flippin love this woman

    i love her.
    we can not talk for weeks and then blab on skype about the most mundane things like french toast like it was only yesterday we last saw each other.
    i love that she's been in london for almost 12 months and she still sounds as aussie as the day she left.
    i love that our chins match in that picture.
    i love that distance isn't (always) coming between us.
    i love that simple plan wrote a song especially for us.
    i don't love how i start to cry a little bit every time we say goodbye.
    kim kathleen schmidt you are my favourite x x

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    things making me happy

    1. Lazy winter saturdays
    2. Freshly washed pyjamas
    3. Hot showers with the bathroom window open
    4. Skinny flat whites
    5. Making ginormous wish lists on urban outfitters, so I'm ready the moment free shipping to Australia commences
    6. Buying weekend newspapers for the trashy, tabloidy inserts
    7. Nanna slippers
    8. Planning our trip to plomer next weekend
    9. Catching up with darling friends
    10. Looking at the kittens for sale/adoption at glebe vet

    saturday according to instagram

    today was a nice day for strolling and drinking piping hot coffee and then retreating back inside, conceding defeat to winter's wiley ways.

    hope your long weekend is delicious and toasty x x

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    breakfast for dinner is my favourite

    bel lady: "Awwwww, we don't have pita bread in the freezer OR cherry tomatoes for our DIY pizzas!"

    the boyfy: "Well, i just had a shower and i'm not going out in that freezing cold"

    bel lady: "eggs on toast it is then!!"

    What a winner winner breakfast for dinner!! :) :) :)

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    tourists in our own town.

    one of the things i have begun to dislike in my new 'hood is the amount of tourists. i get in a stroppy mood, fume when they don't know where to buy bus/train/ferry tickets, get peeved when i get asked for directions and giggle at people clearly lost. how horrid of me.

    sometimes i forget (perhaps, even take for granted?) that I do live in a gorgeous city. people from all over the world do like to visit my gorgeous city. and i should maybe take a walk in their shoes once in a while to teach me to pull my head in. and also appreciate the shiz out of old sydney town.

    boyfy and i were tourists in our own town today. we took photos of landmarks, we caught the ferry, we went to one of sydney's most populous beaches and we people watched and we ate and we drank. i reckon everyone needs to do it sometimes. its good for the soul.

    Pee ess, i am in love with the new photoshop action filters boyfy downloaded for me!! They make it look like I know what I'm doing!!! Yippee!!