Saturday, July 30, 2011


sweet lord i love this band.

if you have never seen the hives live before than i urge you, for the love of your unborn children... make sure you see them at least once before you die.

they never disappoint me. i've seen them the last two times they've been to australia - the last time being 3 freaken years ago - and each time i walk away just as in love with them as ever. i haven't been able to stop listening to them since thursday. i even stayed up super late after the gig to watch them on youtube.

 a band that comes out on stage in top hats and tails, tell the crowd to "shut the fuck up and let me speak!" and prance around hands-on-hips are always going to get my vote. and the fact that i could look at pelle almqvist all day always adds to the whole experience.

there was only one person in the whole crowd who had a better night that me and that's this guy:

how ridiculous is that?! getting pulled up on stage by the worlds greatest band to play bass guitar in their closing song. i don't know how to play bass at all but i was still very very jealous of him.

til next time hives, you sexy swedish rock lords. it better not be three years til you're back.

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